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Week 2 – Falcons vs Broncos

Tonights  home opener took place on one of the NFL’s biggest stages, Monday Night Football, Peyton Manning was coming to town and we (the Falcons) were coming off a big road win in Kansas City – but that is just the beginning. The MARTA media take over installation ( a full post on that project will be coming soon) was finalized this monring, our 2012-13 Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar was released and we had  Scott Kelby and Joey Wright as guest photographers shooting the game with us. The Dome was electric tonight.  You felt it in everyone around you. There was something special in the air and as photographers we were all excited to capture those electric moments.  At the end of the night we compiled more then 8,000 images (before we edited through for keepers).

I went into the tunnel again to shoot player intros.  We had Scott, Joey, Jimmy, Matt and Lynn all shooting the intros fr0m the front(and Scott had a second camera on a remote.  more on that from his blog here) so I wanted to cover a different perspective.  The situation wa in my favor – I was using the Canon 1DX which has an incredibly clean ISO and there was an ESPN tv crew in the tunnel focusing on Ryan.  One of the guys on the crew had a large square LED light that he was using to light Ryan.  This was a huge help, y9u would think I would have come back with some killer shots right?  Nope.  My exposures were great, the images were clean of noise, I was even able to get down on my knees with a 14mm fisheye but my focus was of on allot of the images.  The autofocus would keep locking in on the smoke. I had really sharp smoke and really soft players.  What a disappointment, but I did learn from the experience.  I will definitely bring an LED in the tunnel with me next time and I will adjust my tracking sensitivity. I score a killer tunnel shot before the season is over.

Thomas Decoud picked the ball off on the opposite side of the field from where I was shooting but I was able to snap this shot as he ran right past me during a victory lap around the endzone on his way back to the sidelines.

Im always shooting footballs on the field to build up our library of generic ”football” image for internal and sponsor creative.

Asante Samuel lights up the Denver receiver.  I had to really crop into this shot but it held up pretty well.  When was the last time you saw a cornerback hit like that?