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Julio Jones Infographic


It was only a matter of time before Julio Jones would rewrite the Falcons’ record book and 2014 was that year. From his productivity on the year to where he stands in Falcons history, we take a closer look at what made Julio’s 2014 so special.


Commemorative graphic poster honoring Todd McClure’s 14 years of service with fan comments from Facebook and Twitter.

The launch of a new professional sports franchise is something very few people get the chance to be a apart of and the weeks leading up to the event  I had the privilege of leading our team through the development of the creative for the launch and the marketing and sales efforts that would follow post launch.

As the 2013 season approached we were challenged to create a second screen experience that leveraged our league high 20+ Falcons branded Twitter accounts and allowed the Falcons staff, players and cheerleaders to present unique game day content in meaningful way across the teams digital channels.