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The Art Collection at Mercedes-Benz Stadium Identity

Project Scope

Develop an abstract mark that represents the diversity of Mercedes-Benz Stadiums art collection while subtly paying tribute to buildings iconic architecture



An organic brush stroke to forms an abstract mark that subtly pays tribute to the ascending red triangle motif found in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium logo. The mark overlapping the borders of a square canvas or frame symbolizes the collections diversity in featured artists and artistic mediums, breaking the boundaries of what is expected of stadium art.

Tucker Brooks
Britt Davis

Project Scope

Develop a modern and easily recognizable identity system that showcased the buildings unique architecture while maintaining the premium design aesthetic that is familiar to Mercedes-Benz


MBS Logo Slick

Stadium-Naming_Presentation_AB_Final2 Stadium-Naming_Presentation_AB_Final3


Mercedes-Benz Stadium Style Guide

MBS-Style-Guide_Page_01 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_03 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_04 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_05 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_06 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_07 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_08 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_09 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_10 MBS-Style-Guide_Page_11

Tucker Brook, Britt Davis

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Julio Jones Data Visualization

Project Scope

It was only a matter of time before Julio Jones would rewrite the Falcons record book and 2014 was that year. From his productivity during the year to where he stands in Falcons history, we take a closer look at what made Julios 2014 so special. The challenge was to evelop an infographic that highlights Julio Jones historic record-breaking season in a digestible format that can be utilized in both print and digital mediums



Project Scope

After 14 years of service, Todd McClure was retiring and the team was challenged with developing a graphic that commemorates the fans admiration for the lifelong Falcons center. We invited fans to send their messages to McClure via Facebook and Twitter and curated them in a poster that could be used in both print and digital mediums.


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New Atlanta Stadium Club Relocation

Project Scope

The New Atlanta Stadium sales staff required a high-end sales booklet that went out to current premium seat holders to introduce them to the benefits and amenities of the new Atlanta Stadium and walk them through the process to reserve their seats in the new building. The 12x9 brochure printed on 100# semi-gloss cover stock and all photos and headlines were hit with a spot UV to create additional contrast between the renderings and the rest of the page. The cover logo is made up of a four-color foil stamp and shipped in a custom full bleed envelope.




NAS-Phase1-spread13 NAS-Phase1-spread12 NAS-Phase1-spread11 NAS-Phase1-spread10 NAS-Phase1-spread9 NAS-Phase1-spread8 NAS-Phase1-spread7 NAS-Phase1-spread6 NAS-Phase1-spread5 NAS-Phase1-spread4 NAS-Phase1-spread3 NAS-Phase1-spread2 NAS-Phase1-spread1

Contributing Designer:
Tucker Brooks

Project Scope

Design and develop a modern and easily recognizable identity system for New Atlanta Stadium for use prior to naming rights integration.


Contributing Designers:
Tucker Brooks
Grant Jones
Raul Ferran