New Atlanta Stadium Club Relocation

Project Scope

The New Atlanta Stadium sales staff required a high-end sales booklet that went out to current premium seat holders to introduce them to the benefits and amenities of the new Atlanta Stadium and walk them through the process to reserve their seats in the new building. The 12x9 brochure printed on 100# semi-gloss cover stock and all photos and headlines were hit with a spot UV to create additional contrast between the renderings and the rest of the page. The cover logo is made up of a four-color foil stamp and shipped in a custom full bleed envelope.




NAS-Phase1-spread13 NAS-Phase1-spread12 NAS-Phase1-spread11 NAS-Phase1-spread10 NAS-Phase1-spread9 NAS-Phase1-spread8 NAS-Phase1-spread7 NAS-Phase1-spread6 NAS-Phase1-spread5 NAS-Phase1-spread4 NAS-Phase1-spread3 NAS-Phase1-spread2 NAS-Phase1-spread1

Contributing Designer:
Tucker Brooks