New Profile pics courtesy of Joe McNally

Today was a one of those creatively refreshing days.  A day out of the office  attending  Joe Mcnally‘s  1 Light, 2 Light Workshop at the Georgia World Congress Center, and not only was it one of the most entertaining and educational workshops I have attended but my take home course materials came with a set of portraits taken by one of the most influential, respected and admired photographers in the business.

Throughout the workshop Joe walked the audience through different lighting setups calling audience members to the stage to serve as his subjects.  About halfway through the session he  was looking for “a guy with a tough angular face and not allot of hair”  for a high contrast look. Turns out that was me.

The irony of the shoot was when he was giving me direction he told me to act like i was  “a middle linebacker for the Falcons” and look tough and yell or growl at him.  He had no idea I worked for the team.  It was allot of fun to be involved in the session and even better that his assistant Michael Cali gave me a  copy of all the photos of me.

Thanks for the new profile pic Joe.  It alone was worth the price of admission.

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