MARTA Station Media Takeover

This offseason we were tasked with developing a creative system for two MARTA stations (CNN Center & Vine City) to welcome the fans taking public transportation to the Georgia Dome on Gameday.

We wanted the gameday experience to begin the minute you pulled into the two train stations.  The initial challenge was to find the correct balance between team/brand promotion and our partner’s offerings. We truly got to realize the vision of making our players appear larger than life.  As superheroes.


There’s something about seeing your work big (and I mean big. some of the banners we created spanned 50 feet wide) that is rewarding.  To date, this had been one of the most rewarding projects of my career.  The project consisted of 80 deliverables racking up just north of 300 collective design hours over the course of 5 months.

Overall the goal was met, and the project has been considered a big success. With all the knowledge and understanding of the space, we gained from having been through the inventory this season I am excited about the potential to develop these areas again next season.


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