As creative professionals, I believe it is imperative to our development to wipe our palette of the routine of our day to day work lives, get outside our comfort zones, unplug, and open ourselves to be influenced and inspired by something, someone and somewhere new. And this years China trip lived up to all of my expectations.

I was recently honored to be guest at Creative Mornings ATL,  joined by colleague and friend Skate Noftsigner, Sr Director of Marketing for Atlanta United as we talked about the success of Atlanta United and the differences in marketing and creative for two of the cities professional sports teams.  Im very grateful to have been invited and enjoyed spending time talking with fellow creatives.

I’m drawn to the contrast of humanizing our players to compliment the typical sports photograph where we immortalize the athlete. When you strip away the uniforms, the physique, and athletic movements, you are left with the center of emotion; the face, which allows us to connect in an authentic and relatable manner. Over the last two seasons, I’ve been focusing on shooting and cropping really tight portraits of the player’s faces to highlight their focus and emotion.

Its been almost three months since the creative community lost an icon… And I lost a good friend and mentor. Winston Hendrickson was one of the geniuses behind some of Adobes most popular software, including Photoshop and Lightroom. 

In April of 2017 I was asked to speak at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida so I produced a quick demo reel to kick off the conversation so the students could see the type of work we create working in-house as sports designers for the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United and Mercedes-Benz Stadium. This reel features the work of many incredibly talented designers and it was a great excuse to brag about their work.

Creativity on demand can be taxing, and when there is no downtime, we often find ourselves looking for inspiration in the same familiar places. Visiting the same sites and following the same social accounts. But as creatives, it is essential that we continue to push ourselves and let new experiences inspire us.

The launch of a new professional sports franchise is something very few people get the chance to be a part of and the weeks leading up to the event  I had the privilege of leading our team through the development of the creative for the launch and the marketing and sales efforts that would follow post-launch.

After the announcement that Maor League Soccer was coming to Atlanta, we took to the streets to mix and mingle with local soccer fanatics by inviting fans to join us to watch Team USA’s and Team Mexico’s group play matches during the 2014 World Cup at several Watch Parties across the city.