Cheerleader Swimsuit Calendar Lighting & Exposure Test Shoot

The last few weeks we have been planing our third annual Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar shoot.  This is always one of my favorite projects to work on, not because of the obvious “job” of working with beautiful women in swimsuits, but on this project I am leading a team of 20 plus crew members on location where you are getting your hands dirty. Additionally this project more then any other  challenges me, frightens me and leaves me walking away knowing my tools are a little sharper then they were before the project began.

This year I wanted to experiment with adding more rim lighting and create a much shallower depth of field in the photographs.  We also have a few scenarios where I may be called upon to shoot some of the calendar elements so I wanted to get out in the field and do some shooting  to experiment and visually demonstrate what I was hoping to achieve with this years images.

I scheduled a shoot with 2 veteran cheerleaders that I have a good repore with and rented a ton of gear.  Much more then what we needed but I wanted to try several different light sources and light modifiers .

We arrived on location at 12pm and shot from 2pm – 7pm.  We chose those times because it would give us the opportunity to work in both harsh mid day light as well as the much more desirable dusk light.  We werent trying to walk awaty with stunning images – the goal of the day was to work though allot of exposure and lighting situations when working on location. All in all the shoot went well. We walked away with a few decent images and answered allot of questions. All in all the day was a success.

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