Shooting on Location With James Quantz Jr

Several months ago the Atlanta Falcons Chief Marketing Officer challenged me with the task of capturing emotionally charged images that more accurately represent the exclusivity, excitement and energy of the gameday experience within the Georgia Dome’s premium seating areas on gameday.

I knew these environments were dimly light and were going to present many challenges if we attempted to shoot it like a live event. We were going to need to have complete control over the lighting in these rooms. This was going to require different exposures for the environments and our subjects.

I began by enlisting South Carolina based photography/compositing guru James Quantz Jr. If you havent seen his work you have got to take a moment to check out his portfolio. It’s stunning. He has an incredible ability to think and see in layers and build the perfect scene. I had the behind the camera talent, now I needed to find the in front of camera talent.

With our demographic research in hand I began casting. This actually turned out to be the most difficult and stressful  element of the project, but between our current and former cheerleaders, targeted facebook ads, social networking and the help of some friends and coworkers we had a solid cast in place.

The shoot was and incredible success and an invaluable learning experience.

At the end of the 11 hour session we shot over 18G worth of images. Im extremely excited to see this vision come to fruition over the next few weeks as we begin selecting files building the final image in post production.

A huge thank you to everyone that pitched in on this project.  Ill certainly be showcasing the final images in a future post.

Working with James Quantz Jr. in the Owner’s Club at the Georgia Dome



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