Atlanta Falcons Gameday Social Hub

As the 2013 season approached we were challenged to create a second screen experience that leveraged our league-high 20+ Falcons branded Twitter accounts and allowed the Falcons staff, players, and cheerleaders to present unique game day content in a meaningful way across the team’s digital channels.


Im a big fan of the one-page design motif that is spreading across the web so I  was particularly excited to work within WayIns responsive infinite scroll framework.


As I began developing the initial wireframes I gravitated towards the concepts that led off with a bold matchup photo/graphic.


I didnt want to be afraid to embrace the opposing team’s colors in the design to help serve as a visual identifier between each game in the season and knew that the twitter battle section was going to lend itself nicely for incorporating some data visualization.


The result is a responsive social platform producing a real-time, interactive presentation of exclusive team content, and social chatter allowing the Falcons to create an unparalleled social experience.




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